Using Mobile Tech On Construction Sites to Boost Productivity

DepositphotosBy Staci Matt

Mobile technology is on the rise, with more and more people each year relying on smartphones and other mobile devices as their primary way of accessing the internet. With comfort levels rising and the capabilities of mobile technology expanding, cell phones are finding a more prominent role in both personal and professional spheres. The construction industry is no exception. Handheld devices can increase productivity in a number of ways. Here are some ideas for integrating mobile technology into your construction site.

Choosing a Phone

It's no secret that a construction site is a dangerous place for both you and any electronics you bring into the area. With this in mind, it's important to choose a mobile phone that can withstand some bumps and bruises. A great option is the LG V10. It features stainless steel side rails, a reinforced frame, and super-strong duraglass to help protect your phone from accidental drops. In addition to choosing a durable phone, you may want to purchase a strong case to protect it even further. Also be sure to avoid looking at your phone when operating machinery or carrying out other tasks that require focus.

Improving Communication

As with most jobs, one of the most important keys to success in construction is communication. And when workers are scattered throughout a construction zone and working varying hours, it can be difficult to keep everyone connected. When each worker is connected with a cell phone, managers can receive real-time status updates from employees. It can also be extremely helpful for the employees themselves because they can easily have direct access to their supervisors to ask questions, seek clarification, or even get direction on new tasks without having to meet in person. If you want a better paper trail to track communication, text messages are an easy way to keep tabs on any professional exchange.

Increase Worker Productivity

The ability of mobile technology to improve productivity in the construction industry truly seems endless. Tablets have great potential to be used on construction sites. They allow workers to share blueprints, pull up contracts easily, store plans in the cloud, and more. Electronic time cards using mobile technology can also increase efficiency. The time data can be automatically analyzed using mobile devices along with construction progression if you track that as well. This can provide amazing insight into productivity levels of individual employees.

Mobile devices also provide a great opportunity to track equipment. You can train workers to log equipment location and usage so the information on the equipment is always up-to-date and no catch-up time is needed after hours. It's also great for tracking any repairs that are needed. Employees can request maintenance on the spot, include photos and write down any details of incidents within seconds of them happening, instead of having to complete the task hours later. Supervisors can use all this information to streamline processes or determine what additional materials are needed on-site.

While construction is not technically in the tech field, it can definitely benefit from new advances in technology. Adapting mobile devices on work sites can increase employee efficiency, help track equipment and keep communication constant. Consider making mobile technology a standard part of your work day to see a variety of benefits.

Staci Matt is a Scottsdale-based writer with interest and expertise in entertainment, technology and marketing. She's also a lover of movies, travel, theme parks, and hearing about your pets. Follow her on Instagram @Staci881.

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