Five Sink Trends You Should Know About

sink blogBy Nicki Escudero

Sinks may seem like a minor part of a new home, but they make a significant impact in a buyer's decision to purchase. Sinks that combine beautiful aesthetics with high function provide value to those looking forward to preparing meals easily in the kitchen and enjoying a relaxing, spa-like atmosphere in the bathroom.

Presenting a sink homebuyers love means they'll be less likely to worry about needing money for renovations, an added benefit to getting people interested in your property. Here are five of the most prominent sink styles contractors should know about.


Stainless Steel

More people purchased a stainless steel kitchen sink, with its clean, sterile appeal, than any other type of kitchen sink, according to a2016 study by Consumer Reports. USA Today reports 41 percent of people would pay an average of $1,850 more for stainless steel kitchen appliances, including the sink. Stainless steel sinks with shock-absorbing pads can also help cut down on the noise from running water.

Double Sinks

Home improvement review site Angie's List recommendsinstalling double sinks in the kitchen, since double sinks are one of the most valuable home renovations. Double sinks allow homeowners to make the most of the space, with plenty of room for preparing meals and washing dishes.

USA Today echoes the value of double sinks in the bathroom, reporting dual sinks are especially attractive to married couples or those who cohabitate.

Trough Sinks

The National Kitchen & Bath Associationnamed trough sinks as one of the top bathroom design trends for 2015, since their narrow design maximizes bathroom space and adds a spa-like appeal to a bathroom, which is a major overall design trend. Trough sinks can accommodate the desire for dual sink space in the bathroom, even when only one sink is presented, through the integration of two faucets in the sink.

Sustainable Materials

Homes are now a direct reflection of how they impact the environment. The U.S. Department of Energy's Home Energy Score rating system reflects homes' energy efficiency. For homeowners looking to add resale value and attract environmentally conscious future buyers, installing appliances that are made with sustainable materials is attractive. Sinks that contain sustainable materials are also beautiful and can add to a home's aesthetics.

HGTV names bamboo sinks as one of the top kitchen sink styles today, with the earthy, woody appearance complementing fresh cooking ingredients. Bathroom sinks made from salvaged materials can add to a vintage aura, while sinks can be constructed from innovative sustainable materials ranging from rubber and concrete to recycled aluminum, copper and bronze. Consumer Reports names glass as one of the top bathroom sink materials, and using recycled glass makes it both desirable and sustainable.

White and Bright

The National Kitchen and Bath Association named white and contemporary its top bathroom design style of 2015, while designers on interior design site Houzz say white bathrooms are still going strong well into 2016. Homebuyers want a bright, peaceful, Zen-like atmosphere in the bathroom to transform it into their personal spa. Whether the bathroom sink is a pedestal, top mount, vessel or undermount, white is a top color choice that depicts cleanliness and adds to a pure state of mind.

No matter how beautiful the sink, the top concern with homebuyers is functionality. Durability and ease of use help make the sink appealing to the widest range of homebuyers, and these qualities add value because it will be long lasting without the need for renovations.

Nicki Escudero is a journalist and marketing copywriter with more than 14 years of publishing experience. 


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