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Depositphotos 30915029 s 2015By Alex Clark-McGlenn

In recent years, cloud technology has changed the way businesses communicate and collaborate. Thanks to these cloud tools, companies can share projects across digital technology platforms, streamline workflow and manage customer information, transactions and more. So how do you know which tools are best for your team? And which tools will they need to effectively tackle problems while at a job site? Here's a look at the best cloud tools for mobile work teams.


Collaboration Chat App

Collaboration chat apps are one of the newest and most effective ways for companies to keep track of projects and mobile teams. Services such as Slacklet administrators create channels for specific projects, teams and topics, giving members of these channels a clear view of what's going on. Whether users are at the office on a laptop or at a job site using a mobile device, they can easily switch between channels, never missing a message from fellow team members. Teams can also upload and share files within a channel, making it easy to access important information on the go.

Manage Workflow

Workflow management lets teams address challenges more quickly, market more effectively and design with more precision. InMotion, for example, lets admins create project overviews with a breakdown of specific tasks, assign these tasks to other team members, set deadlines for each task and track the employees progress. Users can also troubleshoot difficulties and proof the projects as they are completed. InMotion lets you make real-time comments on visual marketing projects your company undertakes.

Salesforce Desk, by, not only lets you collaborate across platforms, but also lets you chart progress with user-friendly graphs. Manage customer and client support with this cloud service across Android, iOS and directly from the website. This tool is perfect for fast-growing companies.

Cloud Storage and Backup

When you store client information and sensitive project data, you should always have a backup, especially when working at a construction site. However, don't entrust just any cloud service with this valuable information. With Mozy, your company gets military-grade security in the way of customized encryption specifically for your business. With 24/7 monitors, in the form of state-of-the-art software and security experts, you and your clients can rest assured all personal and sensitive information is behind locked doors. Furthermore, Mozy offers a variety of product options so your company gets the security and service you need at a price you can afford.

Alex Clark-McGlenn is a graduate of the Northwest Institute of Literary Arts Writer's Workshop. His fiction has been published in the Best New Writing 2016 anthology, The Cost of Paper,, and others. In his spare time he enjoys cycling, soccer, and reading. He lives in the Pacific Northwest.

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