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Latitude Development picLatitude Development aims to deliver its client a high-quality product with its latest project.
By Bianca Herron 

Founded in 2003, Latitude Development is a partnership between Principal Dave Kessler and Kevin and Darryl Donovan, the owners of Donovan Brothers Construction. The company’s goal is to develop quality, institutional-grade projects throughout the Puget Sound region.

Whether developing property held for investment or developing for third-party companies, Latitude is committed to providing a high-quality, cost-effective product. “We’ve built the company by primarily focusing on office, industrial and retail development,” Kessler says, noting that Latitude will celebrate its 15-year anniversary this year.

“It’s been a successful partnership,” he says proudly. “The relationship between Latitude Development and Donovan Brothers Construction has been mutually beneficial.”

Keys to Success

Kessler attributes Latitude’s success to its ability to look at all projects like they are the Auburn, Wash.-based company’s own. “For example, when we’re building a project for someone we build it as though we’re spending our own money,” he says. “That mentality helps us to build projects within budget and encourages us to deliver on time.

“That’s really what I believe to be our company strength; we do what we say we are going to do,” he adds, noting that he and the Donovan Brothers are Latitude’s only employees. Latitude box

“We all serve as principals,” Kessler explains. “This allows us to be nimble and pivot when necessary. We only work on about three to five projects simultaneously per year, which allows us to be hands-on and focus on each project.”

In addition, Donovan Brothers self-performs concrete and carpentry work on projects and manages the subcontractors performing the rest of the work. This allows Latitude to control 90 percent of the project cost and meet its clients’ expectations with regard to quality and scheduling.

“Donovan has been around for 25 years and has a longstanding history of paying their subs on time,” Kessler says. “We believe that we get competitive pricing from subcontractors because of that, and the fact that Donovan treats its subcontractors fairly, too. Our philosophy is that it’s only a successful project if it’s good for both us and our subcontractors.”

Latest Project

The company’s latest project is Latitude Business Park. Located in the Port of Everett’s Riverside Business Park, the Everett, Wash., development will consist of two buildings totaling 207,500 square feet. 

Latitude started construction on the nearly 100,000-square-foot Building A last June. It will serve as a manufacturing and office facility for Northwest Aerospace Technologies (NAT), which specializes in commercial aircraft modifications. 

The company aims to start construction on Building B in June, which is 85,000 square feet in addition to nearly 18,000 square feet of mezzanine. Latitude anticipates completion of Building A in March, and completion of Latitude Business Park in early 2019.

“One of the differentiating features of Building A is that because we have ample parking, we can accommodate a manufacturing company that has more employees,” Kessler explains. “Additionally, it is extremely difficult to find a new industrial building close in with superior access and a beautiful location down by the river in this market.”

He adds that NAT is relocating approximately 250 employees from its existing downtown Everett facility in March. “Building B will have a higher percentage of parking than a normal industrial distribution-type building so that we can attract jobs to the area,” Kessler says.

He adds that the Port of Everett and City of Everett played pivotal roles in securing NAT at Latitude Business Park. After many years of environmental cleanup and infrastructure work, the site was ready for development just as NAT was looking for a new facility.

“The port acquired this land and for the last 20 years has conducted an environmental cleanup on the site, which enabled us to come in and lease it from them,” Kessler explains. “We will eventually purchase it from them.”

Ultimately, Latitude is working to deliver a high-quality product to its client once the project is complete. “At the end of the day we want a happy client who walks away wanting to do business with us again,” Kessler concludes. “We want them happy with the process and our product.” 

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