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SkylineSkyline Scaffolding and Vik XS Services’ expertise helps them thrive.

By Alan Dorich

Some companies that operate in similar fields might be opposed to the idea of working together. But that is not the case when it comes to Skyline Scaffolding Inc. and Vik XS Services

Skyline Scaffolding CEO Benny Redza has known Vik XS President Viktor Bober for 10 years and has enjoyed working with his friend’s company. “When we need hanging rigs, he’s our guy,” Redza declares. Skyline info box

In fact, because the companies offer customers different types of scaffolding, they often recommend each other to their clients. “[We send them] back and forth,” Bober says.

Redza co-founded his Irvington, N.J.-based company with his father, President Rama Redza, in 2006, after working for a small scaffolding company. His brother, Director of Operations Sal Redza, later joined them in the firm, which now employs a staff of 50 employees.

Today, Skyline Scaffolding offers not only scaffolding, but also sidewalk sheds, shoring systems and debris chutes, as well construction fences and material hoists. The company serves customers in New York, New Jersey, Pennsylvania and Connecticut.

“We do a lot of work with developers, restoration companies and general contractors,” Benny Redza says, noting that most of its business is for repeat clients, including RSC Group LLC in Elizabeth, N.J. Although some companies aim to be the biggest in their industry, “We want to be the best,” he says. Additionally, he notes that Skyline Scaffolding sets itself apart with its attention to detail in its service. 

“A scaffold is a scaffold, but we go the extra mile, from A to Z, whether it’s estimating or dismantling,” Redza says, noting that the firm also is quick to react. “If there’s an emergency, we’re usually there within an hour.” 

Living the Dream

Bober gained extensive experience in the scaffolding market before starting his own business. “Right out of college, I had an opportunity to work for a scaffolding company,” he recalls, adding that this gave him experience in scaffolding and maintenance.

“I learned a lot from there,” he says, noting that he proceeded to follow opportunities at other companies before launching Vik XS two years ago. Today, Vik XS provides temporary and permanent suspended scaffolding solutions for clients in the Greater New York City area.

He adds that Vik XS provides an “elite” level of service to construction developers and managers, as well as real estate management companies. Its team, which collectively has 25 years of industry experience, stays current with industry laws and codes.

Its repeat customers also appreciate its ability to be “responsive and get the job done,” Bober says, noting his team also takes pride in its work. “Everybody is proud of what we do and how we do it.”

On the Rise

This is a busy time for companies like Skyline Scaffolding and Vik XS. “There’s a lot more work,” Redza says. “There are new projects going up every day, so development is on the rise.”

These clients, he adds, also want to work with firms like Skyline Scaffolding and Vik XS that employ seasoned professionals. “They don’t want to deal with somebody they’re not comfortable with,” he says, but admits that keeping up with the pace of projects can be challenging.

“It’s a very demanding business,” he says, noting that this has required Skyline Scaffolding to make sure it has the right amount of labor and inventory to meet its clients’ needs. “You also have to have a big facility to test [the inventory], maintain and manage it.”

Its facility and yard span 150,000 square feet, which accommodates its new hoist division. “We set up the tools [and bought] the actual hoists,” he says, adding this comprises a substantial part of its business.

The Highest Priority

Avoiding accidents is important for both Skyline Scaffolding and Vik XS. “Safety is our No. 1 priority,” Bober declares. “Everybody is proud of what we do and how we do it every day, making [our] industry safe.”

Skyline Scaffolding’s safety focus has earned it “one of the top insurance policies in the game, which is hard to do, especially in New York,” Redza says, adding that it has a strong safety record.

However, the company has not reached this achievement by resting on its laurels. “We have constant meetings with our guys on site and at the facility,” he says, noting that these include sessions with foremen and supervisors.

Redza believes it benefits the company to continually discuss the issue of safety. “When you don’t talk about it, it’s out of sight and out of mind,” Redza says, adding that his employees also are required to undergo OSHA training.

Family Style

Vik XS operates with a family-style environment. “It’s very pleasant to come to work,” Bobok says. “We take care of each other and everybody has each other’s back.”

This is also true for the crews and office staff at Skyline Scaffolding. “We’re all there for each other,” Redza says, noting that the company also focuses on maintaining strong communication between its associates.

For example, Redza encourages his employees to call him if they have questions. “I hate when people assume [something],” he says, noting that he makes himself reachable 24/7. “[I tell them], ‘Don’t assume anything.’”

The actual involvement of Redza’s family members also gives Skyline Scaffolding advantages over its competitors. “We constantly have the ability to communicate with each other, whenever we’re needed,” he says, noting that his father and brother are willing to lend each other a hand in their work.

Redza also praises the work of his brother Sal, who manages its offices. “Unless he has a meeting to attend to, he’s at the office observing and staying on top of everything,” Benny Redza says. “He’s there all day.”

All Smiles

Bober sees a strong future for Vik XS, which  has plans to grow its services. However, the company plans to expand while staying safe, he asserts. 

“Our goal is to provide secure jobs and healthy environments for all our workers in our company,” Bober explains. “We want workers to come with a smile and leave with a smile as well, [while] being successful in their lives.”

Redza predicts Skyline Scaffolding’s relationship with Vik XS and RSC will continue. “We’ll definitely be working together,” he says, adding that his company also plans to grow.  

“We’ve grown every single year we’ve been in business,” he says. “I don’t see that slowing down or stopping.” 

One to Rely On

Skyline Scaffolding Inc. is dedicated to satisfying its clients. “Our personnel are skillful, knowledgeable and eager to make [the customer’s] experience working with us an exceptional one,” it says. 

“We listen to [their] individual needs and work with [their] budget to find just the right solution for [their] project requirements,” the company says, noting that Skyline Scaffolding provides quality service on every job.

“[Clients] can rely on us to do it right, so [their] project gets finished promptly and hassle-free,” it says. “Although our normal workweek is Monday through Friday, we are happy to assist [clients] seven days a week, 24 hours a day.”

Skyline Scaffolding also boasts more than 25 years’ experience in scaffolding, along with the rest of its services. “We are passionate about what we do and look for ways to provide the best possible service to our clients,” it says.

Additionally, “We have worked on many high-profile buildings in Manhattan, and take on custom jobs as well,” Skyline Scaffolding continues. “We take pride in listening and closely communicating with our clients so that their experience with us matches their expectations.”

Solid Solutions

Skyline Scaffolding delivers its solutions to job sites in timely, reliable ways. These include its sidewalk sheds, which protect the public and pedestrians from falling debris during building repairs.

Its pipe scaffolding is constructed with pipes from the ground up on the outside of a building. “Pipe scaffolding can also be used for indoor purposes as well,”  it says.

Skyline Scaffolding also offers shoring systems, which use heavy-duty frames, posts, beams and bracing to support unstable structures that need repairs or new additions. It also has its debris chutes, which “are the most, quick, safe and efficient method of trash disposal,” the company says.

Its construction fences offer a temporary alternative to permanent fences and are made of wood, chain link or wire. “They are commonly used and required for public safety, protection and security,” the company says.

Skyline Scaffolding also highlights its concrete barriers, which can be installed alongside streets to direct and control incoming traffic. 

“They can also be replaced with jersey barriers, which also come in different sizes, depending on your requirements,” the company says.

Helping Hands

Skyline Scaffolding takes part in its community, Benny Redza says. “We are constantly donating to many charities,” he says, noting that the company contributes to charity golf outings, as well as local schools. 

Another recipient is St. Jude Children’s Research Hospital. “St. Jude is leading the way the world understands, treats and defeats childhood cancer and other life-threatening diseases,” it says.

Delivering Satisfaction

Vik XS Services achieves customer satisfaction by maintaining integrity, professionalism and quality in its work. In addition to scaffolding, “We offer BMU inspections, maintenance and window washing services,” the company says.

“We have a Special Riggers license for CD-5 permit needs and installation services for various façade inspections and projects,” Vik XS says, noting that it also offers competitive and fair market prices. “Our success is based on great relationships and referral business.”

Its satisfied clients include Liul Dala of Global Co. “Vik XS Services delivered everything they promised and more,” she said in a statement. 

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