If you can imagine fishing with a 3,000-foot line, you can get a sense of what it’s like to lay high-voltage electrical cable underground. You can’t see what you’re doing, and anything could be happening to that line downstream unless you control all the factors faultlessly. The cables are pulled thousands of feet from massive reels through underground pipes from manhole to manhole and then spliced together. Additionally, the carbon steel pipes must be welded together perfectly to allow no leaks or sharp edges that could damage the cable as it is pulled through the pipe.

The construction industry comes down to one thing: deadlines. If a contractor cannot meet a project’s deadlines, the schedule is pushed back, tenants are not able to occupy, budgets become engorged and owners lose money.

With a core focus on upscale, select-service hotels, RLJ Development LLC has quickly grown to become one of the fastest-growing hotel investment companies in the nation. “The quality that distinguishes RLJ Development from our competition is the depth and the strength of our team,” Senior Vice President of Design and Construction Carl Mayfield says. “I call it our ‘people power.’ When you look at the quality and the caliber of the professionals that we recruit, invest in and develop, along with our president, our executive vice president and our senior team, I think we’ve got one of the best teams in the industry.”

After eight years of working for a national retailer building stores, Steve Bachman – president of Retail Construction Services (RCS) Inc. – started his own company specializing in building retail stores. “I knew the business from the retailer’s perspective,” he says. RCS has constructed retail stores for Sears, U.S. Shoe, Nine West, Genesco and Ann Taylor in the early years, and has increased that to more than 50 companies today.

Ramland Construction founder, President and CEO Steve Ramras says the key to his business is building relationships. The company’s reputation among clients in the retail, restaurant and hospitality industries has helped it steadily grow even during the recession. “We’ve been busy; we haven’t seen a downturn in our business in the last few years,” Ramras says. “I think that’s because we do a good job and have built up positive word-of-mouth through our clients.”

Maxwell Construction Co. is meeting the challenges of the national economy by expanding its reach in more ways than one. Since its establishment more than 20 years ago, the company has been a big part of the commercial and residential development of southeast Indiana. While the company remains dedicated to its loyal customers within its geographic region, it is also seeking different types of jobs outside its home base.

Having recently celebrated 31 years in business, New Jersey-based commercial contractor EBS Builders continues to help its clients realize their visions. The company emphasizes building reliability of future performance into every project, as President Tony Bonaduce explains, by insisting on superior workmanship. 

For as long as Tim Macfarlane, founding and design partner of Dewhurst Macfarlane & Partners, can remember, he always thought of things in first principles. It is still that logic that drives him today and Dewhurst Macfarlane & Partners to use what they already know and apply it in new directions. Dewhurst Macfarlane & Partners is an international firm of consulting engineers who provide design services in structural engineering for buildings, façade engineering consultancy and specialist glass engineering.

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