Whether the project is a memorial to the victims of terrorism or a museum for cowboys, a habitat for elephants or botanical garden structures, the world’s largest McDonald’s or a copy of a Frank Lloyd Wright tower, Lippert Brothers Inc. has always regarded versatility as its strength and niches as pigeonholes rather than opportunities.

The Florida Marlins will ring in their 2012 Major League Baseball season in a brand-new stadium, thanks to the combined efforts of two construction management firms. Construction on the 37,000-seat, $515 million facility started in July 2009. The facility, owned by Miami-Dade County, will give the Marlins a home of their own for the first time since their inception in 1993.

There’s no doubt that the current recession has been one of the most challenging times for contractors in recent memory. At every level and in every sector, contractors and subcontractors have been challenged on a daily basis by the harsh economic realities. Although national facts and figures give an accurate picture of the recession, they don’t take into account the individual stories that make up those aggregate numbers.

Based in New York City, Crossland Mechanical Inc. has served the New York Tri-State area with quality, cost-efficient mechanical engineering solutions to complex commercial projects since 1984. Before President and CEO Luigi Romic acquired the company in 1991, Crossland Mechanical worked on smaller jobs for local general contractors. “Little by little, we evolved and began doing bigger work with the owners and property managers,” Romic explains.

Demolition isn’t exactly the right word for what Costello Dismantling does. Instead of the average bulldozer and wrecking ball lineup, this company uses precision equipment such as excavator-mounted shears, grapples and electromagnets to meticulously break down buildings, bridges, tanks, dams and other structures into reusable and recyclable parts.

From Canada to the United States, CJ Pink has been helping clients get from one level to the next since 1996. That’s when the concrete product manufacturer began specializing in pre-cast stairs for all structures. Casinos, hotels, stadiums and universities are just a few of the building types that have benefited from CJ Pink’s expertise.

The economic downturn has been difficult on contractors across the nation working in nearly every building sector. Even though Woodstone Builders Inc. excels on a number of projects ranging from multifamily residential to light manufacturing, its decision to target a unique niche has enabled it to grow and prosper during the recession.

The legacy of preeminent western Canadian architect B. James Wensley is being carried forward by Wensley Architecture Ltd.’s principals Barry Weih and Neil Banich. “He set some pretty high standards and values, and the current company is a continuation of these values,” Weih explains. “Wensley Architecture’s tradition is to focus on high quality, design and client service. Both Neil and I worked with Jim for over 10 years prior to becoming owners. We had the good fortune of having him as our mentor, as someone we could learn from as we were developing our craft.”

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