Imagine you are a consumer who just bought a beautiful high-rise condo in a city like Manhattan, Miami or Chicago. Picture your company just moving into class A office space in downtown Los Angeles, Atlanta or Philadelphia. In several recent cases these customers had a rude surprise. They are in a beautiful new facility they paid good money for and yet have little to no cell service.

“Consumers expect everything to be wireless,” Squan CEO Leighton Carroll says. “Customers more than ever demand cellular service and expect it when they spend their money for high-end space. Ironically newer energy-efficient building materials can dramatically hurt cellular signal quality from legacy tower networks. In urban centers and densely populated areas, many newly constructed spaces may end up with coverage and capacity issues that impact customer satisfaction and ultimately sales.” 

Some developers need an extensive staff on each of their jobs, but not Rybak Development & Construction. “We run an incredibly lean operation in terms of how we set up these projects,” President Sergey Rybak asserts. 

And instead of hiring a subcontractor to complete foundation, superstructure, waterproofing or roofing, Rybak Development performs these tasks on its own. “[That] makes us incredibly competitive, in terms of our ability to deliver a building for much less than the industry standard,” he says.

Based in Brooklyn, N.Y., Rybak Development provides concrete superstructures for mid-rise residential and mixed-use projects, and often develops them on its own. Rybak founded the company in 2007 and started by taking on renovation and foundation repair projects.

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