After nearly 25 years in the construction industry, Aranda Rodriguez-Ginorio & Associates (ARGA) Con­struction has established a perfect record by never defaulting on a contract or ex­ceeding a project performance period, Part­ner Irving Aranda says. Based in San Juan, Puerto Rico, ARGA specializes in wide range of services, including general construction, construction management, design/build infrastructure conservation and marine construction. 

Originally built in 1908, Havens Elementary School was the first school in Piedmont, Calif. Al­though it had undergone sev­eral upgrades throughout its history, the Piedmont Unified School District (PUSD) decided in 2006 that it was time to create a safer school, with facilities that met current building standards. Soon after hiring Webcor Builders of San Mateo, Calif., to perform the needed upgrades, Webcor suggested an alternative approach to upgrading the school.  Instead of performing renovations to the existing facilities, Webcor proposed the demolition the entire school and starting over from scratch.

Construction crews are a common sight on the University of Georgia campus in Athens. Since 1997, more than 200 buildings have been either renovated or added under a campus master plan that continues to guide the college’s brick and mortar future. Two major projects are under way, with two more planned in the near future, showing the university’s dedication to having an updated, long-lasting building stock, Campus Architect Danny Sniff says. “We don’t look for buildings that last up to 50 years, but really buildings that can last 100 years,” he adds. “We keep our master plan alive and refreshed, as opposed to it just being a pretty picture on the wall.”

With education budgets still tight, the schools in Sedona can use all the reductions in costs they can get. One way of decreasing electricity costs is tapping the abundant and free resource that surrounds the district through­out the year – sunlight. The Sedona-Oak Creek Unified School Dis­trict is going solar, and Kinney Con­st­ruc­tion Services (KCS) is providing design/build services for the project.

For more than 40 years, ISEC Inc. has supplied laboratory furniture and fume hoods. During that time, the company listened and learned from its clients, and now it has an in-depth understanding of what they need. ISEC also has improved its building techniques, delivering uncompromising quality in every aspect of the construction process. The company even developed its own brand of laboratory furniture and fume hoods.

With its precast concrete systems, components and services, High Concrete Group LLC says it helps clients realize their dreams. The company, a division of The High Companies, specializes in such work as precast concrete architectural facades, enclosure systems, parking garages, stadiums and other facilities. Director of Engineering and Project Management Melvin Pullen notes that High Concrete primarily serves national and local general contractors.

Did you ever let a thick milkshake thaw and find out it’s just mush? That’s what permafrost is like in Fairbanks, Alaska. The freezing holds the mushy soil together. So, for the 23,000-square-foot Fort Wainwright School Age Ser­vices building, BCRA had to move fast to get 150 pilings 20 feet on center and driven 110 feet into the ground before snow fell by Nov. 1.

Toitures Trois Etoiles Inc. – which translates to Three Stars Roofing in English – shines brighter than other roofing contractors in Quebec because it is not afraid to take on the industry’s hardest jobs, President Giancarlo Bellini says. In fact, the LaSalle, Quebec-based company thrives on difficult projects such as the landmark Hotel de Ville de Montreal, Montreal’s city hall. 

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