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When construction industry leaders need to learn about new growth opportunities, or how to stay relevant in the trillion-dollar North American construction industry, they turn to Construction Today.

Construction Today is one tool executives can use to navigate trends in this fast ­paced business. This must ­read publication covers timely issues such as the profound affect construction spending has on the U.S. economy, managing volatile material costs, LEED design and construction, emerging technologies such as BIM and work force retention.

Construction Today is all about Best Practices – in the general building, heavy construction and associated specialty trade sectors. Its readers are leaders at major contractors, engineering and design firms, equipment manufacturers, and suppliers of construction materials and building products, as well as public and private project owners and regulators.

In each issue, Construction Today’s editors interview top executives of successful companies to learn and share their Best Practices and insights on important issues. These include important topics such as engineering and technology, project funding, labor issues, liability, regulations and the environment.

Every issue of Construction Today profiles dozens of successful construction companies, consult­ing ­engineers, and project owners in North America. It offers its readers – upper­level executives and project managers – information about best practices in project delivery methods, new technologies, market trends and training techniques, including special sections dedicated to five of the most important sectors in the industry: commercial, residential, industrial, in­stitutional and civil.

The Readers

Construction Today’s readers are CEOs, presi­dents and other high ­ranking executives at construction and construction­ related firms with average annual revenues of more than $50 million and more than 100 employees, as well as public and private owners.

Construction Today provides a unique opportunity to reach decision makers across the market because readers are involved in all aspects of the construction industry: residential, industrial and commercial buildings; roads, bridges and other heavy construction projects; and specialty trades such as carpentry, plumbing and electrical work.

Editors of Construction Today will explore trends of vital interest to its readers, including regulatory and economic issues, new construction technologies, financing trends and equipment maintenance. If it’s important to the construction industry, you’ll read about it in Construction Today.

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