Selling Mixed Use Profitably

By Liz Holland

Mixed-use commercial property design is clearly in vogue across the country, but turning the vision of “Live, Work, Play” into reality isn’t easy. How does a developer maximize profitability and minimize road blocks? Through clear, constant communication and condensed timelines.

There’s an inherent push-pull with these types of projects from Boston to Chicago to Houston. Residential and office tenants want to see that first-floor retail hub they were promised in place on move-in day. But retailers and restaurants prefer to wait until loads of built-in shoppers are daily traffic before they commit.

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Managing a Development Site’s Environmental Risks: Five Questions to Ask

By Andy Bajorat

If you are building on a site with a history of different uses, construction poses risks beyond the standard OSHA concerns requiring hard hats and steel-toed boots.  Before breaking ground, you’ll want to consider the following:

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Three Tips to Keep Your Vehicle Job-Site-Ready

By Alison Stanton

As you're already likely aware, driving your vehicle to and from as well as within construction sites is not the same as commuting to the office. Of course, these locations can be inherently dangerous, requiring you to maneuver around heavy equipment, through muddy conditions and to avoid fellow employees.

In addition, some of the sites may be quite a distance from your office, which means you'll be putting a number of miles on your vehicle. Ensuring your vehicle is job-site-ready requires some preparation, so here are three tips to get you started.

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Good Leadership Improves Retention – Are You Being the Best Leader You Can Be?

By Brian Binke

Good leadership is the key to good employee retention. Surveys consistently show that one of the top factors leading to job satisfaction is getting along with your boss. If you know this, then it's time to ask yourself if you're doing what it takes to be a good leader for your team. Let’s go over some of the wrong ways and right ways to lead.

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Safety Equipment Checklist for Construction Workers

By Jayme Cook

Construction workers constitute between 5 and 10 percent of the workforce in first-world countries and, in the U.S. in particular, it is an industry that requires few qualifications yet offers relatively good pay, possibly even financial security. Construction work, however, is also one of the most physically demanding and potentially dangerous jobs an individual can work. For construction managers, professionals and executives, the safety of their crews is usually a top priority and never far from the front of their minds. To ensure that safety, employers of construction employees that work in dangerous environments should use this checklist of safety equipment items and consider these tips regarding industry concerns and construction safety.

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Transforming Your Construction Business Through Telepresence

By Susan Finch

The amount of time spent on construction meetings may be a necessary part of the job to cover everything from project status to safety but doesn't have to consume precious time. Jim Hees argues it's entirely possible for construction meetings to be short, to the point, and effective by staying focused and on task. But how and where you run your meetings also matters.

It’s inevitable to need some on-site meetings with your crew, but that doesn’t mean you can’t rely on telepresence to create a virtual meeting room to reduce travel time and work around busy schedules quickly. It’s also a smart way to monitor your construction site in real time without the need to be there physically. Here’s how to transform your construction business through telepresence.

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How to Develop and Train the Workforce Needed to Rebuild America

By Brian Binke

The United States is in need of a labor workforce that will bring back a strong middle-class. Collaborations between government and business can help create these opportunities. Hundreds of thousands of these skilled-trade jobs are already in demand and are going unfilled. These $20 to $45 an hour jobs are left unfilled because we don’t have the skilled workers prepared for the positions. Filling these positions will benefit millions of Americans in low-paying jobs and lift many out of poverty. Here are some ways that we can build a strong skilled labor force.  

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Solving the Skilled Labor Shortage in Construction

By Brian Binke             

The construction industry continues to experience a labor shortage within all areas of the market; yet companies are optimistic about that changing in the future because of actions that they’re taking now. What are they doing to improve the pipeline of skilled construction workers entering the market? And what more can be done to improve the pipeline going forward?

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Are Your Habits Damaging Your Construction Equipment?


By Jemima Meyers

Construction and other heavy equipment is a vital asset to many businesses. Since it's a substantial financial investment, it is only fair to keep up with its maintenance at all times. Unfortunately, some silly habits can damage your construction equipment and adversely affect your ROI. There are some great tips to help you change those habits and ensure your construction equipment remains functional for a long time to come.

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Saving Money and Increasing Safety with LED

By Dwayne Kula

In the construction industry, there are many electrical contractors whose job is to help choose, install and order the electrical components for a project. A majority of this work revolves around lighting fixtures, and an electrical contractor that knows about different lighting technologies and safety requirements will be able to help aid in the construction process for an energy efficient and safe building.

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