Is Social Media an Important Business Driver in Construction?

By Courtni Wisenbaker-Scheel

Social media has become the glue that holds our world together in a lot of ways now. Like it or not, if your construction business doesn’t have a strong digital presence, then you’re likely losing out on new clients to competitors that do have one. From Facebook to Instagram and Pinterest to YouTube, social media is here to stay, and you need to tap into it in order to help your business thrive. These are the top most important benefits to having several social media profiles.

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Building an Eco-Friendly Home? Consider These Materials

By Lauren Topor

Sustainable design is becoming increasingly important. Sustainable design increases building efficiency concerning water usage, energy consumption and materials. An eco-friendly building can reduce the harmful impacts on not only the environment, but human health as well. From first time home buyers to established companies, eco-friendly building is on everyone’s mind. So, why should contractors care? Aside from reducing the impact on our natural environment and communities, there’s a range of incentives that come with green-building, including tax creditsand deductions. Here’s how you can incorporate in your next project.

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Should Your Construction Company Switch to Ethanol?

imageBy Roy Rasmussen

Almost all gallons of gasoline used in the U.S. today now contain 10 percent or more of ethanol, according to the Renewable Fuels Association. Ethanol has grown in popularity because of its renewability and low greenhouse gas emissions, which are only 43 percent of gasoline emissions after land use change emissions are factored in.

But if you’re a construction industry professional, a practical question you might be asking is: does using ethanol-powered vehicles make sense from a business perspective? Here’s a look at some of the practical differences between ethanol and gasoline engines in terms of performance and price.

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Checklist for Running a Successful Project Kickoff Meeting

By Roy Rasmussen

The U.S. construction industry continues to grow in 2017, with Dodge Data & Analytics projecting that the industry is moving into a mature phase of measured expansion. Total construction starts will rise 5 percent to $713 billion, with 8 percent gains for both residential and nonresidential building. One thing this means for construction firms is more kickoff meetings in the near future. A successful kickoff meeting helps set a project off on the right foot and get things moving in the right direction. Here’s a checklist of items to help you make sure your next kickoff meeting goes off without a hitch.

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Equipment Upgrades to Make Your Job Site Safe

By Sara Parker

Last year, 1 in 5 worker deaths occurred within the construction industry, according to OSHA. In addition to that startling statistic, some of the top-10 OSHA standards violations were related to issues concerning equipment, personal protection equipment, machinery and electrical systems. 

While most everyday job sites are safe places to work, construction professionals must take the necessary precautions to avoid on-the-job employee accidents. Business owners must work to ensure optimal workplace safety by determining whether all equipment is functioning and meets OSHA standards. Here are four areas in which construction companies should keep a watchful eye.

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An Ounce of Prevention Beats a Flood of Cure

Home Builders need to  consider preventive waterproofing as part of new construction.

By Matt Stock

When assessing the value of waterproofing for new construction, some contractors see lots of costs, but no real benefits. However, investing in this type of preventive maintenance adds value to the potential home buyer and bolsters the reputation of the builder who demonstrates this level of concern for his customers.

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Three Tips for a Successful Company YouTube Channel

By Naomi Bagga

If done right, a YouTube channel can be a valuable asset to any marketing campaign. As the second largest search engine and third most visited site after Google and Facebook, it's no wonder companies are creating their own channels on the video platform. However, as with any marketing strategy, it's important that it is executed correctly to ensure maximum benefit. Check out these quick tips to get your company's channel up to scratch:

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Is Your Team Ready for the Facility Manager for the Future?

By Michael Sutherland

The facility and asset management industry of today is constantly embracing new challenges to thrive in an ever-changing environment. New technologies, evolving client expectations and an expanding emphasis on customer experience all combine to make the industry more complex than ever before.

These are among the many factors pushing this industry to shape itself in a new way. To properly respond to these challenges, the first place to look is at the people. Keeping up with the facility management industry of the future means enabling the new facility manager, a role that incorporates the unique, requisite skills to respond to the challenges that the industry currently presents.

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Job Site Anti-Theft Options

By Jeremy Cook 

Potential theft of property is something we are all concerned about at some point or other. But in the construction industry, the very nature of what we’re doing is unfinished and therefore not necessarily covered by planned security systems, making sites especially vulnerable. Even something as simple as locking the doors might not yet be possible. Unless you’ll have workers (or a guard) on the site 24/7, you won’t always be able to keep an eye on your power tools and other expensive equipment, leaving sites and property at risk for theft. Since you need your tools to complete the job, theft can really be a hit to productivity and throw you off schedule. Fortunately, there are some electronic devices available to help keep everything secure.

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Tips for Managing Crews Over Several Jobs

By Kim Slowey

Business is booming, and your company is taking on more projects. That's good news, but without proper management and scheduling, you could find yourself quickly losing control. Here are some tips to keep everything in place.

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