shutterstock 749639473By Alessandra de Faria

Although there's no general technique for spec'ing trucks in every organization, companies employing the use of trucks in construction operations should familiarize themselves with certain aspects of the trucks in their fleet to ensure they're ready for any job. Weight requirements, operations, chassis selection and other variables should be considered when spec'ing trucks. Here are several steps you can take to ensure your fleet is prepared for any job site.

Blog 103 Construction TrendsBy Brian Binke

The demand for skilled construction candidates continues to grow as a number of noteworthy projects and other compelling announcements are being made in the construction space. From an increase in healthcare construction, to increasing construction costs and wages, and the introduction of a new building standard, there is a lot to talk about in the current construction market. 


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By Michelle Kennedy Hogan

Let's face it, when it comes to cyberattacks, many construction companies and contractors think they're immune. Why? Usually because construction isn't a "tech" industry. Since so many construction companies rely on smaller contractors, it is often thought that a cyberattack would be fruitless because there are just too many components in a large construction project. That, unfortunately, is just not true.

Blog 96 Job AutonomyBy Brian Binke

Leaders are responsible for making sure the whole construction team has the confidence they need to do their job to the best of their ability. It is easy to underestimate how important autonomy is to retention and overall job satisfaction. If employees do not feel like they have the ability to set their own path, they frequently look for another job that gives them more freedom. By emphasizing job autonomy, leaders can build trust, improve innovation, eliminate confusion and increase job satisfaction. 

ThinkstockPhotos 179304378Being diagnosed with any type of cancer is a shock to patients and their families. Treatment, recovery and lifelong battles are now part of their daily lives. One ailment that's relatively common is mesothelioma. It's a type of lung disease that's often associated with asbestos. To understand this ailment and patients' risk levels, take a close look at mesothelioma and asbestos as their link becomes clear.

imageBy Roy Rasmussen

When it comes to technology adoption, the construction industry has traditionally lagged behind other major industries. Seven in 10 construction companies spend less than 1 percent of their sales revenue on technology, 60 to 70 percent below the average for other major industries, a 2016 JBKnowledge survey found. But as advancing technology has enabled new construction applications, more construction companies are increasing their tech budget. A 2017 Software Connect survey found that 82 percent of construction companies plan to maintain or increase their technology spending over the next 12 months. Here’s a look at some of the technology trends that cutting-edge construction companies are adopting to improve their efficiency, cut their costs and gain an edge on the competition.

Blog 88 Green BuildingBy Brian Binke

Since buildings place a significant strain on the nation’s power grid, the demand for more zero-energy buildings continues to grow. More construction firms are focusing on building structures that are resilient and also able to generate much of their own power through renewable sources like solar panels, efficient heat pumps, radiant cooling systems and techniques that improve building envelopes.

ThinkstockPhotos 821933106By Eric Weisbrot

Construction project management can be a lucrative business for those who are willing to put in the time and effort to be successful. However, creating a thriving business is not often mastered in a training course or a during a stint at college. The experience that comes from winning – and losing – on the job lays the foundation for long-term accomplishments. But licensed and bonded construction project managers need to also embrace the following steps in order to be effective.

Blog 80 Fostering Leadership


By Brian Binke

Hiring the best construction talent for project management, superintendent and estimator jobs is just the first step in the process of driving success for your firm. The most reputable construction firms also focus on building leaders within their ranks. Creating strong leaders helps build a solid core in your organization, keeping it steady in the face of change or adversity. Here are some tips for fostering leadership skills in the workplace. 

ThinkstockPhotos 483045249By Kevin Hill

A growing number of construction companies are embracing sustainability by implementing lean practices that minimize waste, improve safety and maximize value for the customer even with tight timeframes and limited budget. Here are six lean principles that construction companies can implement to be more productive, reduce costs, save time and boost project management efficiency: 

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