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Barton Malow picBarton Malow leverages technology in the construction industry to deliver innovative building solutions for its clients. 

As a leader in the evolution of better health facilities, Barton Malow is overseeing the construction of BayCare Health System’s HealthHub at Bloomingdale in Valrico, Fla. The company prides itself on providing services that encompass the entire design/build process while maintaining its roots in constructing strong, quality buildings. 

BayCare HealthHub at Bloomingdale will be a 115,000-square-foot, two-story wellness center that sits on a 21-acre campus. The wellness destination is designed to fit residents’ lifestyle and needs by integrating traditional healthcare services such as primary care, pediatrics, rehabilitation, imaging and laboratories with fitness classes, nutrition education and like-minded retailers to promote healthy living, BayCare says. 

“With BayCare HealthHub at Bloomingdale, we’re creating a new model for healthcare,” Senior Vice President for Ambulatory Services at BayCare Health System Jim Cote says. “This facility will be a one-stop destination – incorporating technology and convenience to not just treat symptoms, but also to help keep families healthier.” 

BayCare, a not-for-profit healthcare system based in Clearwater, Fla., provides a wide range of services at 14 hospitals and hundreds of other locations throughout the Tampa Bay and central Florida regions. BayCare HealthHub boasts a no waiting room concept of a doctor’s office by incorporating technology in new ways to make its patients’ lives easier. The goal is to experience a streamlined visit from the moment they walk through the door. 

Construction began on the $53 million facility in November 2017 and is expected to be completed early next year.  

Client Loyalty

For 94 years, Barton Malow has been driven to pioneer its services to provide its clients with high-performance results. “Barton Marlow has a long history of innovating construction practices, including our leadership in the 1970s to introduce construction management services at-large across the industry,” the company says.

One of Barton Malow’s strengths lies in its ability to provide in-house comprehensive preconstruction services and present its clients benchmarking and historical cost data for facilities of similar scope. “With decision-making support from Barton Malow, healthcare professionals can make optimal choices earlier in the design and building process,” the company says. “The wealth of a company is in its ability to deliver value.”

For more than 40 years, Barton Malow has been providing preconstruction and construction services to the healthcare, education, sports and industrial clients in Florida. “We built relationships and have gained an intimate knowledge of the local construction market,” the company says. “This sharp industry focus, coupled with our national experience, provides our clients with the assurance their project goals will be met.”

Barton Malow and BayCare have a long-standing relationship as the company oversaw the completion of its 112-bed hospital, St. Joseph’s Hospital South, in 2015. By using a modified integrated project delivery approach, the team was able to provide seamless, efficient design services, eliminate waste and streamline communication.

BIM technology was used during both the design and construction phases, which allowed subcontractors and the design team to review, monitor and coordinate clash detections. It was also used throughout the project to keep construction documents up-to-date with the latest changes, RFIs and construction bulletins. 

“Both Barton Malow and its major subcontractors all utilized tablets that were uploaded with the latest drawing and project information so they always had access to the most current project information at the touch of a button,” the company says. “BIM stations were set up inside the building that were available for anyone to use in place of the usual outdated and torn printed blueprints.”

Long-Term Vision

Barton Malow’s long-term goal is to build innovative and trust-based solutions to double efficiency by its 100th anniversary in 2024. Its three distinct strategies designed to drive toward its 2024 vision are to optimize performance, adjacent opportunities and pursue business transformation. 

As the company looks to continuously optimize performance, most of its innovation will impact the core business. “The majority of the benefits come from small improvements to what we do every day,” the company says. “The most powerful forces behind a solid core business are teamwork and continuous improvement. By improving our existing strengths as a company, we encourage a culture of continuous improvement.”

Adjacent opportunities will arise through businesses that touch its core business. The company hopes to find new ways to capitalize on its building experience by selling new products or services on the open market. 

Barton Malow continuously looks for ways to transform its business. “Construction projects are infamous for being over budget, behind schedule and dangerous,” the company says. “We are actively seeking ways to fundamentally change our approach to building through the use of technology, and especially, new business models. 

“Barton Malow has been moving forward preparing for the future, finding the most effective and efficient ways to serve our clients’ growing needs. Using the best means and methods, and based on our successful experiences in today’s market, we aim to help those clients achieve their goals and vision for the future.”

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