Emergent Construction Technologies

In an industry where many companies look to diversify their customer bases as much as possible, Emergent Construction Technologies is more than satisfied with having a narrow client focus.  

“We are different from our competitors in that we are focused on the food industry – that’s where we want to be and what we want to do,” says Renee Cangemi, vice president of operations for the Richardson, Texas-based company.

The company provides project management, construction management, general contracting, consulting, design/build and other services to customers involved in food processing, food packaging, cold storage warehousing and waste treatment.

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The American Concrete Pumping Association

The battle over the advantages of pumping concrete vs. other concrete delivery methods has been won, maintains Christi Collins, executive director of the American Concrete Pumping Association (ACPA). 

“Our industry’s biggest challenge in the 1970s into maybe the early 1990s was trying to get a contractor to understand that the initial upfront cost seems like a lot, but that pumping concrete is actually in the long run more efficient, cost-effective and helps them deliver a better product,” Collins maintains. “That was somewhat of a challenge. There also were challenges in what a concrete pump could do as far as what types of a placement a concrete pump could handle. A lot of people think it’s just for high-rises, but when you start looking at poured vs. block walls, we’re the norm for home foundations.”

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TEI Rock Drills

Since its earliest days, TEI Rock Drills has been committed to manufacturing superior, American-made drilling equipment. Founded as Tech Enterprises Inc. in 1980 in Montrose, Colo., by Bill Patterson, TEI Rock Drills remains a family owned company that has become a leading manufacturer of drilling attachments and limited-access drills.

“We have three main product groups: drilling attachments, limited-access drills and drilling components,” Vice President Joe Patterson says. “We employ 39 people in our Montrose factory, which is where we build everything. We have a sales team that is selling direct in the U.S., and we also have distributors all over the world. Internationally, we’re seeing increased business in the U.K., and we also do well in South America, Australia and New Zealand. We’re just now starting to get involved in India and Asia, too.”

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Renegade Parts Washers

Pride and persistence is what put Renegade Parts Washers on the production map and those attributes are still the mantra for Renegade’s employees now that it is well into its second decade of existence.

Those attributes helped Renegade Founder and President David Barney get his startup company off the ground in 1996 by beginning to address the manual parts washers niche market and eventually testing the waters of the automatic cabinet style machines.

Barney has looked for and found the same characteristics in others as the company morphed into what it is today – an ensemble of proud employees, all experts in their respective fields, working in unison to handcraft a collection of parts washers of all types.

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A.H. Harris & Sons

Construction managers, general contractors, subcontractors – they all have a lot to juggle to ensure projects are completed on time and delivered as promised. They rely on numerous vendors and partners to complete their jobs successfully, something that A.H. Harris & Sons understands well. Having been a partner to the construction industry since 1916, A.H. Harris is dedicated to providing “the highest-quality products and services,” according to its mission.

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Teqton Inc.

Teqton Inc. understands the importance of having a solid base on which to stand. As one of the leading manufacturers of seamless industrial flooring in Europe, Teqton has built up more than 35 years of experience in serving customers with innovative and low-maintenance solutions. 

In 2009, the company brought that experience with it to the United States, and President Gunnar Sigurdsson says Teqton is slowly but surely building a strong foundation for sustainable success in North America. Even though the company’s unique type of flooring product is relatively unknown in the United States, he says, contractors and building owners are starting to understand the benefit Teqton brings. “We are going over the threshold of the market accepting that product,” Sigurdsson explains. 

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Omaha Steel Castings Co.

Omaha Steel Castings is in the midst of constructing a new state-of-the-art foundry that will improve its productivity through the use of advanced technology and the implementation of many lean manufacturing processes. “Everything we’ve done with the plant is lean process,” Executive Vice President of Sales and Customer Service Phil Teggart said in a statement. “We can outperform everyone.” 

Construction on the new $17.5 million, 130,000-square-foot plant began in September 2012 and is expected to be completed in August. The new foundry is located in Wahoo, Neb., which is just 30 miles from Omaha Steel Castings’ long-time site in Omaha. The facility is expected to double production and increase employment to at least 250, according to the company.

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Lake Washington Partners/United Construction – SanMar Distribution Center

Lake Washington Partners credits its success in developing and building a 750,000-square-foot warehouse and distribution center near Reno, Nev., to its close work with its partners on the project. 

“I think a consistent challenge in a lot of our projects is putting together a lot of moving pieces in a short timeframe,” says Jordan Lott, president of the Issaquah, Wash.-based developer. “There will be only about a year’s time from when we closed on the land to when our tenant will be operational, so this involves an amazing coordination effort. Our staff works really hard putting all the pieces together and paying attention to every detail.”

Lake Washington’s construction management team, led by Manager Dave York, is working closely with general contractors United Construction  to complete the distribution center before October. The developer purchased the 66-acre site the center sits on from Spanish Springs Limited Partnership in Oct. 2013. Architect Jake Williams of Ohio-based Beilharz Architects Inc. designed the building, which will be occupied by apparel and accessory distributor SanMar. 

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