Jesco Inc.

The spirit of teamwork shines through every project JESCO Inc. completes for its clients. “Throughout each project, JESCO works closely with client's staff to construct the facility, but also strives to building a lasting relationship with the owner,” the Fulton, Miss.-based contractor says. “Our work is not complete until we are awarded with the client's next project.”

Many of the facilities completed by the company throughout its more than 70-year history are second or third jobs for the same owner, reflecting client satisfaction in its projects.

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Dakota Plains Holdings Inc.

Pipelines are thought to provide the most economical transport of oil and natural gas, but if railroads were run the same way, all trains would go to the same place. The advantage of transporting crude oil by rail is that it can be shipped wherever in North America that the price of oil is best.

“Building pipelines is lengthy in time, and you’re committing yourself to a single market,” points out Dakota Plains Holdings Inc. President and COO Gabe Claypool. Contracts with pipeline companies can commit a crude oil producer to terms lasting from three to five years, and pipelines can take a similar amount of time to build, Claypool says. In a down market, such a contract can result in substantial losses.

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Choate Construction Co. - MSC Industrial Supply Co.

When MSC Industrial Supply Co. announced it was building a second corporate headquarters on 14 acres in Davidson, N.C., the company knew that time would be of the essence and that the rapid cooperation of local officials would be crucial. “When you’re up against a tight deadline, every piece needs to fall into place,” says Jeff Reagan, vice president of supply chain engineering for MSC Industrial Supply Co. “In my 20 years of experience, I’ve seen that collaboration and cooperation with local jurisdictions can present a challenge. Davidson was a totally different story. They were incredibly collaborative and helpful – in fact, Mecklenburg County and the city of Davidson supported our schedule better than I’ve ever seen before. It’s been an incredible working relationship, and they should be commended. The speed at which they’ve been able to expedite processes has been phenomenal. Nobody on the project has ever seen anything done like this.”

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BCT Structures Inc.

When oil or natural gas is discovered, a formerly remote, unpopulated area can turn into a miniature city virtually overnight. In the past, workers had to make do with tents and other, less comfortable forms of temporary housing, and for months if not years at a time. At today’s modern work camps, however, workers have the option to spend their time in temporary structures that offer as many of the comforts of home as possible, and BCT Structures is one of the companies focused on providing them.

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Parkline Inc.

Parkline Inc. is proud to be a big name when it comes to small buildings. “One thing about our company that I think is very important is our brand,” Vice President Ron Dawson says. “We’ve been in the industrial building sector for many years and have a proven product. We’ve stood the test of time working with large industrial end-users and contractors to provide solutions for their small enclosures.”

The Eleanor, W.Va.-based company has manufactured and built more than 70,000 structures in its 40 years in business. Parkline’s small metal buildings have a number of applications including enclosures for pumps, motors, generators and electrical panels. They can be found at industrial sites across the country, including power plants.

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Cedar Falls Building Systems Inc.

In the year 2000, Mark Lewis went on a sales call hoping to close a $1 million deal for his family’s concrete business, Lewis Construction Inc. The 22-year-old Lewis met with David Nadler, closed the concrete sale and ended up buying Nadler’s company, Cedar Falls Building Systems, Inc. (CFBSI).

With the help of his father, the founder of Lewis Construction Inc., and his brother, Lewis slowly took over CFBSI. Over the next year, Nadler helped Lewis transition into his new role as president of CFBSI. The two companies cooperate in most projects, with Lewis Construction providing the concrete for projects developed by CFBSI. Today, Lewis has solid proof that he closed a great deal during that sales call 13 years ago. “The first year we made about $200,000, we are now in the $30 to $50 million dollar a year range, in combined revenue from Lewis Construction and CFBSI,” Lewis says.

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Cate Street Capital - Thermogen Industries & Burgess Biopower

Global leaders are facing big issues on how to protect our environment while producing enough power to meet ever-growing demand.  Government regulators worldwide are forcing power generators to reduce toxic emissions. In America’s northeast, they’re also requiring more power generation from alternative, renewable sources. A New Hampshire based investment firm, Cate Street Capital, has developed ways to solve both problems, with new technologies that utilize sustainably harvested forest products.

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American Municipal Power Inc. - Power Plant Project

As more have turned to alternative sources of energy, the use of hydroelectric power has become more prevalent. American Municipal Power (AMP) Inc. has not let its use pass it by, and has started along with the City of Hamilton one of four run-of-the-river hydroelectric plants on the Ohio River. One plant is the Meldahl hydroelectric power plant located about 40 minutes east of Cincinnati at the Captain Anthony Meldahl Locks & Dam.

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